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Welcome to Courageous Love!

We are both very excited to share our journey with you as we navigate our way through James’ healing from sexual addiction, marriage, and raising babies. Please take a little bit of time to read through our individual stories to get to know each of us better. We know they’re long, but of our stories and the story of us is what started this blog.

The name Courageous Love was birthed from one of our groomsmen’s speech at our wedding reception. This particular friend and his wife walked through our entire dating relationship with us…all the break ups, James choosing to sleep with other girls, and me feeling like my world was spinning out of control most days.  He spoke over our relationship and marriage the word ‘courage’.  He went on to say that there was so much courage displayed between us that people could learn a lot about dedicated love and courage in love through our story. He also pointed out that society is so quick and willing to lay down courage for silence, pride, and for standing back instead of standing up. So, from his speech we found it fitting to share our story under the premise of that word spoken over us.

Our hearts behind starting this blog was and is to shed light on sexual addiction and to encourage couples who are fighting to save their relationship or marriage. Sex addiction is a taboo topic for society and churches to talk about, yet so many men and women struggle with it on a daily basis. We made the decision to be vulnerable and share our story because we were tired of this topic being so quickly brushed under the rug.

A few things that you will find throughout our site are blog posts from both of us, pictures, recipes,  book recommendations  and other daily life topics including the journey of parenthood. One thing we talked about while we were designing our blog was that even though we’re in the process of healing, life goes on. Yes, we have bad days still, but there are also really great days that bring great adventures, picture worthy moments, and stories.

We’re just a young married couple who desire to be real…no more masks, no more trying to pretend that life is perfect. This is just the beginning of our story and we are so excited that you are joining us on our adventure! Please feel free to leave comments, contact us, ask questions, follow us on social media, or share our blog with your friends.

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We're here to be vulnerable and in doing so create an idea and culture that allows for people to be vulnerable back. We're here to offer support for people walking through things they don't understand, to allow people to know that they're not alone in the things that aren't openly talked about. We're here to show that loving through trials takes courage for both parties but is worth the fight.


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