Courageous Love



Well, we’re here…two weeks away from my due date and I keep wondering where the past several months have gone. There were days I thought my due date would never come (mostly when I was nauseous or throwing up) and then there are these current days where I look back in...


Looking Ahead

2014 was a really great and challenging year for us: We started our own business in January, which the Lord has continually blessed We celebrated our two year wedding anniversary and seven years of being together We got pregnant and moved into a house! It was a year of continued...


All about that babe, ’bout that babe

Well, as most of you know already James and I are expecting our first little one come March. March 27th is the due date, but we’re curious to see if she arrives late (more like her daddy’s personality) or early (more like her mommy’s). I’m praying for the latter! Only because...


Love Comes Down

Waiting is hard. I’m pregnant…I understand this to a whole new level these days. But this season, this Christmas season is meant for waiting wonder: God gestates. For nine long months, the Maker of everything hovers over the waters of the womb, divided his own cells and created new life....



So, it’s been a while… too long, we know. Life has been nuts with a lot of great changes; finding out we’re pregnant, moving, business, etc. and we weren’t quite ready for all of it. It’s been great walking through all of it but I’ll be the first to admit,...


Happy August!

it was last month almost to the day that i wrote this on our blog: now it’s august and to be honest, august is my least favorite month of the year. there are no birthdays, no celebrations, no holidays, it’s just that weird month in-between summer and my favorite season, fall....


On Change

i’ve never considered myself a lover of change. i have the same morning routine, i buy the same type of coffee drink at every new coffee shop i go to, and i watch the same movies over and over again because i like that i don’t have to pay attention...


Gone Campin’

this past friday, james and i along with 4 other great friends and the sweetest babe, headed up to the mountains to spend a weekend away from our busy lives, basking in the glory of tall trees, wide fields, creeks, and great food over the campfire. it was a much needed...


Love and Marriage

a few weeks ago, james and i were in our bedroom talking about life. i was laying on our bed in my pajamas, while james was walking around putting stuff away and messing around with our pup. in the middle of our conversation i looked at him and said, “is it...


It’s a Wednesday

  it’s a rainy wednesday night and i’m sitting in the basement drinking chai tea with my husband listening to a spotify mix that is actually really great. it’s been a while since i’ve sat down to write out what’s been on my heart and mind as of late. i feel like i’ve...


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